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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Unicorn Cafe

1723 Sherman Ave, Evanston, IL 60201

Happy New Year coffee drinkers! My apologies, I've neglected this blog for far too long. I was away from the city for the last month, so I haven't had the chance to go on any epic coffee quests. Instead, I was able to be in charge of the coffee brewing at my household, which is usually pretty dangerous. My family almost exclusively brews coffee from Peet's. My personal favorite is their Garuda Blend, a full-bodied roast with a bit of a nutty aftertaste. On average, we went through three pots of coffee per day, and I drank an average of about a cup per hour. I probably set myself up for some excruciating withdrawals now that I'm back on campus, but it sure was fun while it lasted.

Over my break, I came to the realization that most college students can't exactly relate to the great lengths that I'm willing to go for a satisfying cup of joe. For this reason, coupled with the fact that I've got a heftier course load this quarter, I've decided to sample the array of coffee choices available here in Evanston. For a smaller-sized city, there is actual a pretty good variety of unique coffee shops. I decided to start with one of my favorites that is only about a block from my dorm, Unicorn Cafe.

For the typical Northwestern student, Unicorn represents a perfect study haven--far enough away for most as to be somewhat indulgent, but close enough to campus to remain convenient. For me, Unicorn presents the respite that I always need from the mudwater that they serve in the dining halls. I hope the name Seattle's Best is intended to be ironic! Unicorn brews Metropolis Coffee, so you know you'll get a good mug every time.

Today, I order a 16 oz. brew and a muffin loaded with nuts, fruits, and carrots. The coffee has the fullness of Metropolis that we all know and love. A deep, dark roast, this mug is extremely savory, leaving me wanting more only minutes after my cup is empty. Paired with the muffin, this coffee provides the perfect pick-me-up before the long day of studying that lies ahead.

Inevitably, college students like to complain, so I figured I should at least include a passing mention to the negative attributes that NU students often attach to Unicorn. The seating is pretty tight and limited, so if you come at a peak time and expect to plop down immediately, you'll probably be out of luck. In addition, Unicorn closes pretty early each night--unfortunately, usually right around the time that late night studiers are in need of some caffeine. However, for people like me that just want a very good cup of coffee with only a few minutes to spare, Unicorn is the best choice that I've found. Check back in the future to see how they match up against Evanston's other coffee joints.
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